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The best colours for your bathroom vanities

bathroom vanitiesPainting is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to give your bathroom a makeover. The problem with painting a bathroom…there are so many different colours and combinations choosing your paint scheme can be difficult. We have decided to put together a few ideas to help you along in your decision.

So many people decide to go with a beach, shell, or other ocean/water related theme for their bathrooms so it’s no surprise one of the first colours we picked would be cobalt. This deep blue colour is elegant in its hue and provides a variety of different looks depending what you pair it with. You can pair your cobalt with white to create a timeless look of class and elegance.

Let’s get away from the shades of blue for a moment and take a look at the colour crimson. This deep reddish colour helps create a dramatic look in any room. You can use this colour to accent your bathroom vanity or you can use it as your main colour with a soft crème accenting it. Crimson is a very rich colour that brings the idea of luxury to mind when gazed upon.

Be bold, be daring and go lime green in your bathroom. Paint your walls in stripes in different hues of green and white then accent it all with a lime green vanity or window treatment. Bright vivid colours can be paired well in small spaces to help bring new life to the area. Be sure to accent with neutral colours to avoid making your room overly bright with colour.

Bring the sunshine indoors to your bathroom by using a shade of yellow for your bathroom vanity. Yellow is a happy and calming colour so it’s no surprise you would find yellow in the bathroom where you would want to relax in the tub or just unwind after a long day.

There are so many different hues and ways to mix and match colours to create a one of a kind bathroom space to suit you and your personality. Try a few different looks before settling on one colour or another, you can get swatch samples or even just purchase small containers of paint and paint small areas to see how the colour will look on your walls. No matter how you choose to do it, head out to your nearest paint store whether that be Melbourne, Victoria or some other city in Australia and get started on picking colours today.