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Are bathtubs still in fashion?

bathtubsWhether you are remodelling your home or shopping for a new home I am sure one of the main things on the table of conversation is…”How big is the bathroom?” followed next with “Does it come with a tub?” Although these questions might not ever cross your mind if you are part of the growing population who rarely use their bathtub. It has been said that showers are getting more use in households today over bathtubs which could be why Australian homeowners are doing away with their bathtubs and opting for large spacious showers instead.

Bathtubs do have their benefits though and I’d like to show you some of those benefits now.

Now, granted these “benefits” are merely opinions expressed on behalf of myself and while other people will have other preferences I would rather see a tub in a house with a shower that way you have the best of both worlds so to speak. You can choose whether you want to bath or shower and really you can dress up or dress down a tub/shower combo and if you have the room you can even have a shower separate from your bathtub.