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Double Vanities in Your Bathroom – Why All the Fuss?

Most bathrooms have a single vanity with a sink single. But lately, many homeowners are looking towards having double vanities installed in their bathroom. Why has there been a change in the way that people want to approach the structure and design of their bathrooms? As well as creating a new washing experience? As experts in bathrooms, we know there are few key reasons on why people are starting to enjoy the idea of a double vanity in their bathroom.

Very stylish and modern.

Double vanities are considered a very modern and stylish option when it comes bathrooms. They provide a level of class and elegance that most other vanity options don’t offer. Double vanities are considered very popular in this regard and that is why many people look towards have one installed in their home.

You don’t have to share with anyone.

One faucet and one vanity means sharing with other people. But two faucets means one apiece. So as well as being stylistic popular, you’ll have your own faucet and vanity to yourself. While it will require most space in your bathroom, you will actually enjoy the room and space all to yourself.

The choices are endless.

Much like regular vanities, you will have an endless list of double vanities to choose from. With a wide selection to choose from, all coming in different colours, styles, materials and sizes, you can really expand and enhance your bathroom experience.

It is with these options that people are looking to double vanities as one of their choices when it comes to their bathroom designs. If you are interested in having a new vanity (double or not) installed in your bathroom, then don’t be afraid to get in touch with the professionals here at VK Bathrooms. With our collection, we are ready to help you transform your bathroom.