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3 ideas to reinvigorate your boring bathroom

reinvigorate bathroomDo you currently suffer from a boring bathroom? Are you looking to reinvigorate you old bland bathroom? There are so many ways to give your bathroom a boost on a budget. Painting is quite possibly the easiest and most cost-effective way to give your bathroom a boost. If you are not big into painting you could always opt to paint half the bathroom, paint from the top down or bottom up halfway for a truly dramatic invigorating look. Painting doesn’t have to be just for your walls, though, have you ever wanted different color fixtures in your bathroom? You can always get a good paint and paint them to fit your bathroom or to add a bit of colour punch to your space.

Another way to give your bathroom an entirely new look is to add some newly framed artwork to the wall. Have fun and create a gallery wall in the bathroom this gives those in the bathroom something to look at while in there. Make it fun, be creative and be daring to pull out all the stops. If artwork isn’t your thing try adding a vase of fresh flowers to give a lively look and wonderful scent to your bathroom. The smell of fresh flowers is sure to invigorate any guest in your bathroom.

Patterns are nice when it comes to adding detail and a new appearance to your bathroom. Although patterns are nice wallpaper isn’t a number one hit for bathrooms but tiles in different colours, shapes, sizes or even patterns are. Consider putting a colourful backsplash up to accent the neutral wall colour.

If you are trying to subtly spruce up your bathroom but don’t want to spend a fortune you can always find awesome DIY projects that will not only add a new touch to your bathroom but a unique and one of a kind touch as well. When you create a DIY shelf, base, accents, or décor you are bringing your personality deeper into the space and this does wonder for bathrooms and any other spaces in your home.