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Your shower screen options: what is best for you?

shower screenIf you are planning on a bathroom remodel one of the things you might be looking into are shower screens. Shower screens can be as simple or as intricate as you desire, just remember that the more intricate your shower screens the more the price tag tends to be, so if you are on a budget a simpler option might be better, no matter what your style, budget, or desire we have some popular options for shower screens for you.

When it comes to shower screens most can be used in all spaces only a few require a little more space than the others and then there are some that are just more beneficial for those extra small bathroom spaces.


Frameless shower screen

elegance and luxury these shower screens are stunning and beautiful. The frameless shower screen provides a seamless flow from the bathroom to the shower and back. These are simple in design but provide such an elegant look and feel to the bathroom. These are typically made of glass, thick glass so as not to break easily.


Aluminium and glass

another elegant option the aluminium and glass shower screen provides a unique and classy look. This clean looking design will bring new life to your bathroom shower.
Glass Blocks – these beautiful glass blocks provide privacy with the textured block and yet the light that gets reflected through these gives a stunning glimmer all throughout the shower and bathroom area. These glass blocks will provide a clean cool look to any bathroom.


Sliding Screens

this style is one of the most popular styles and depending upon which design you choose this style can be quite affordable. The sliding glass models are becoming more popular among those who want the look of glass shower doors but may not have the room for a swing open door.


Open Space

if you want something truly unique and you have the space you may want to try an open shower enclosure. There are no doors, no frames, nothing to separate your shower from the rest of your bathroom other than the three walls surrounding your shower. This is a very open and unique design that is quickly gaining in popularity.

No matter which type of shower screen you choose there are many options here in Australia. Talk to your contractor or building store employee to gain more knowledge about each type of shower screen and which would best suit your style, preference, and space.