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How to Create a Fabulous Retro Bathroom in Your Home

If you want to give your bathroom a facelift, there are many different options you can consider in terms of decor. Many people decide to give their bathrooms a theme, and this can help you to create a really fabulous space where you can pamper yourself and relax. From spa bathrooms to nautical ones, there are many themes that you can consider.

One of the popular themes that many people love is a retro bathroom, and you can find plenty of ways to inject a retro theme into this space. A popular choice is a 50s or 60s-inspired retro bathroom, so you can relax in decor that goes back to the era of rock and roll as you enjoy your bath or shower. In this article, we will look at some of the steps you can take to create a wonderful retro bathroom in your home.

Steps to Help You Create the Perfect Finish

There are various steps that can help you to create the perfect retro bathroom in your own home. Some of the top steps to consider are:

Go for Tiled Flooring

Nothing screams the 50s quite like black and white tiles, and this is something that you can choose for your bathroom floor. These days, you can choose from a wide range of bathroom flooring, including vinyl, and this makes it simple and affordable to create this sort of finish for your bathroom floor. Going for bigger tiles rather than very small ones can create the perfect look – think 50s diner decor!

Choose a Freestanding Bath

A freestanding bath is not strictly 1950s, but it can help to enhance that 1950s vibe. With a clawfoot bath, you will have something that looks gorgeous with your tiled flooring and also adds a retro yet elegant finish to your bathroom. When it comes to the fixtures and fittings for your bath, choose sparkling chrome, which will also add to the overall theme of the room.

Use Bold Colours

When it comes to choosing the perfect colours for your walls, going for bold shades is a great way to add to that 50s vibe. Reds, pinks, and whites are ideal for this type of bathroom theme, and they will strike a great contrast with your flooring. Go for vibrant shades that pop, as this will help to make your bathroom really eye-catching.

Get the Right Light Shades

In modern bathrooms, you might choose lights such as spotlights. However, if you are going for a retro theme, find the perfect retro light shades for the room. There are many options to choose from, so finding ones that complement the rest of the decor while also adding that 1950s finish touch shouldn’t be a problem.

Add the Right Bathroom Furniture

You will also find plenty of retro furniture that is ideal for the bathroom, such as vanity units. Browsing the options online will enable you to find the ideal ones, so you can combine a retro look with practicality.

While the 1950s look is a popular choice among those who want a retro bathroom, there are plenty of other options. You could go for a retro 1970s look, choose a 1980s design, or even opt for a vintage bathroom design.

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