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Keeping Your Frameless Shower Screen Clean

Frameless shower screens are becoming more popular as an aesthetically-pleasing bathroom feature. A frameless shower screen can open up your space and give your bathroom a sleek, modern feel. Like any shower glass, frameless screens are susceptible to hard water stains and soap scum. Keep your frameless shower screen sparkling with these simple cleaning techniques.

A preventative option for maintaining your frameless shower screen is to choose a good quality one with an effective coating. Glass is porous, so a protective coating will block hard water and soaps from depositing and corroding your glass. Without a protective coating, shower glass will need to be thoroughly cleaned more consistently.

Use A Squeegee

Squeegees are a handy tool to keep inside your shower. Glass should be dried with a squeegee each time the shower is used to prevent stagnant hard water stains and residue leftover from soap. Begin in the upper corner of one side of the shower screen, dragging the water vertically down to the base of the screen. Keep going until the entire panel of the screen has been dried.

Tackle Stains With Vinegar

To remove everyday glass stains, you can use a homemade mixture of one part white vinegar to three parts distilled water. This solution is cheap and more environmentally-friendly than its commercial counterparts. Spray the mixture onto the glass screen to tackle tough stains. Rinse away the solution and stains with warm water and dry. Make sure to use materials that won’t scratch your glass.

Be Careful With Commercial Cleaners

Standard commercial cleaners are helpful when attempting to remove stains that water and vinegar cannot. Again, avoid abrasive materials when scrubbing stains. Keep the space open and wear protective gloves if you are using harsh chemicals. Grocery stores carry simple commercial cleaners. If your shower screen requires heavy-duty cleaning, contact a glass specialist to obtain the appropriate equipment.

Air Out Your Bathroom Everyday

As a general routine, keep your bathroom door open after the shower is used to circulate air and let moisture evaporate. Use vents and fans while showering if applicable. Allow air to flow as much as possible to prevent mould and mildew growth in all parts of your bathroom.

Frameless glass shower screens need to be cleaned often, but it is a fairly simple task. Incorporate all of the above tips in your regular cleaning routine and you will keep your frameless glass screen strong and looking fresh. If you’re looking at replacing an old screen, or are interested in getting a new shower screen for other bathrooms in your property, contact the experts at VK bathroom supply store today.

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