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Our Favourite Taps For Your Bathroom

The design of your bathroom says a lot about the overall look of your home. When your bathroom looks clean and taken care of, it provides guests and family members alike with a good impression of your home. One of the most important parts of this bathroom involves your tapware. When you have beautiful tapware, your bathroom looks better. Below, you can read all about our favourite tapware.

In-Wall Tapware

We love tapware that’s installed in walls. The difference between this and regular tapware is that your taps are installed directly into the wall. For those who have regular tapware, this is incredibly useful for those who already have adequate storage; however, those who don’t have a lot of storage will want to look toward other alternatives/

The benefit of tapware that is built into walls is that it provides a modern touch to your bathroom and allows you to save space. If your bathroom is exceedingly small, you might want to use this tapware to save room. Your other options are to use a vanity or a standing sink, which will take up more room as well.

If you don’t want to have your entire tapware installed in the wall, you can also have your tapware handles installed in the wall. In this case, your tap itself will be connected to your sink. This is beneficial for those who want to have a stronger presence of a tap but also want to save space. Here, your taps can be whichever style or size you want. Our personal favourites are circular handles, which take up less room than the majority of others.

Levered Tapware

Some people prefer to have taps with turning handles to manage water flow and temperature. We prefer taps with levers. For one thing, this saves a significant amount of space. When you have a tap with a lever, the tap is usually vertical and your sink will look bigger. That’s because when you have vertical appliances or tapware, you’re going to save horizontal space and as such, you’ll have room for other objects.

Not only this, but levered tapware takes less work on your part. When you use this tapware, you can ensure that you’ll have complete control over waterflow with less work. When you have two handles, you have to play around with them to adjust the temperature and if you’re trying to multitask, this can prove difficult.

Button Tapware

This is a specific tapware that we like to call button tapware. That’s because there is only one handle that can be pressed and turned; however, there is no separate lever for water adjustments. This tapware is modern and provides your bathroom with a sleek look. Keep in mind that this button tapware requires the handle to be circular, meanwhile, your tap will be attached to the sink. Much like some of the previous tapware we’ve mentioned, this will save you horizontal space.


Tapware is one of the defining features of your bathroom. When you have tapware you love, you’re going to have a bathroom you love. That’s why it’s important that you choose the right company to take care of all your tapware needs. With a beautful range of quality bathroom products from VK Bathrooms supply store, you’ll feel like it’s brand new. Check out our tapware, vanity units, towel rails, bathroom accessories, and much more at VK Bathrooms today. If you have any questions about us or our services, let us know so we can address your questions in our next blog post!

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