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Tips For Creating a Safe Yet Stylish Senior-Friendly Bathroom

Safety features are a must for senior bathrooms because they prevent a lot of accidents. Seniors can obtain serious injuries like broken bones or hips if they slip and fall in the bathroom and it can be mortifying to them if they require assistance due to a lack of grab bars.

Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice appeal when you are converting your bathroom. There are lots of bathroom safety accessories that can make your spaces look even more impressive. Let’s explore some of the most important bathroom safety concepts. 

Non-Slip Floor Surfaces

Gleaming and smooth floor surfaces are very popular in bathrooms because the lustrous shine can make these spaces appear sparkly and clean. Even though the slick and smooth bathroom floor can be very attractive, it isn’t the safest floor solution. Any floor surface becomes a lot slippery when wet and spills are very common in bathrooms. 

A more textured floor option can be a much safer alternative. There are lots of luxurious floor solutions that are slip-proof yet very stylish. Good examples are natural stone surfaces with a flamed, sandblasted, or bush-hammered surface. With this textured surface, seniors can stay sure-footed even when the bathroom is flooded with a mixture of soapy water.

Walk-In Shower

A soak in a bath can be very soothing but most seniors have a tough time getting in and out of the tub. A large walk-in shower offers a lot more convenience. These types of showers are like mini wet rooms without any shower tubs or obstacles that might cause seniors to trip and fall.

Ideally, your walk-in shower should be enclosed with a frameless screen. A completely open-air shower can be too cold during wintertime. 

Get a Hand-Held Shower Head

When you choose bathroom accessories, you should consider a multi-purpose showerhead with a handheld unit. Handheld shower heads can make it much easier to rinse your body in a seated position. These types of showerheads also offer more convenience for washing your hair. 

Built-in Shower Bench

Adding a built-in shower bench to your shower design can also provide plenty of convenience to seniors with mobility issues. With a built-in bench, seniors can sit comfortably while tending to personal hygiene. These types of benches can also look quite stylish if you add a few decor elements like a stylish potted plant or some beautiful soap containers. 

Loose wooden benches can also look stylish but they pose a greater fall risk since they can easily flop over. 

Install Plenty of Grab Bars

Properly fitted grab bars and grab rails are a must for a senior-friendly bathroom. These types of wall-mounted bars are good for holding onto while getting dressed or when getting up from a seated position. You can look into adding some vertical bars close to the shower door and next to the toilet. Horizontal bars can be very handy inside the shower, next to the vanity, close to the toilet, and especially above the bathtub. 

Appropriate Toilet Height

Most standard toilets are too low for seniors with mobility issues, back pain, or hip pain. Ideally, you should try to raise the toilet by about 10 cm. This can be done by investing in a taller toilet seat, installing a toilet riser, or by placing a toilet frame over the toilet seat. If you are concerned about aesthetics then it might be wise to get the toilet constructed on a raised platform.

Higher Vanity With Safer Handlebars

Most vanities are a bit too low for seniors. A vanity with the same height as a standard kitchen counter is much better for seniors who might struggle with back pain since they won’t need to hunch over as much while brushing their teeth. It is also best to choose rounded handlebars that cannot snag on clothing or cause bruising when seniors bump into them. 

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